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Islamia University of Bahawalpur BS Admissions Fall 2024

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Islamia University of Bahawalpur IUB Admissions

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur IUB announced admissions for various Undergraduate BS and BS5th programs for fall 2024. Islamia University of Bahawalpur is a public-sector university in Bahawalpur, Punjab. Admissions are open at Islamia University of Bahawalpur IUB for fall 2024 in BS, Pharm D and LLB programs. Admissions are also open in the Ahmadpur Campus, Liaquatpur Campus, Rahim Yar Khan Campus and Bahawalnagar Campus of IUB for fall 2024. The details of admissions are given below.

The last date of application for IUB is July 19, 2024 (Extended).


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Eligibility Criteria

  1. The students who have passed FSc 1st Year Exams and result awaiting for 2nd year are eligible for BS programs.
  2. Students who have BA/BSc completed or results awaiting and passed 3rd are eligible for admission in the 5th semester of BS program.

Available Programs

Admissions are open in the following undergraduate BS programs at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur. The list of available programs is mentioned faculty-wise.

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Faculty of Arts and Languages

  1. BS English Language and Literature
  2. BS English Language and Linguistics
  3. Diploma in TEFL (One Year Program)  
  4. BS History
  5. BS Archeology
  6. BS Pakistan Studies
  7. BS Persian
  8. BS Saraiki
  9. BS Urdu
  10. BS Iqbal Studies  
  11. BS Philosophy
  12. BS Textile Design
  13. BS Fashion Design
  14. BS Ceramic Design
  15. BS Design
  16. BS Visual Communication Design
  17. BS Painting

Faculty of Social Sciences

  1. BS Applied Psychology
  2. BS Economics and Finance
  3. BS Economics
  4. BS Home Economics
  5. BS Business Economics
  6. BS Development Studies
  7. BS International Relations
  8. BS Defense and Diplomatic Studies BS DSS
  9. BS Information Management
  10. BS Mass Communication
  11. BS Political Science
  12. BS Politics and Parliamentary Studies
  13. BS Gender Studies
  14. BS Public Policy and Governance
  15. BS Public Administration
  16. BS Social Work
  17. BS Sociology
  18. BS Anthropology

Faculty of Agriculture and Environment

  1. BS Agriculture
  2. BS Seed Sciences and Technology
  3. BS Genetics
  4. BS Forestry
  5. BS Water Management
  6. BS Food Science and Technology

Faculty of Education

  1. BS Education
  2. BS Secondary Education
  3. BS Elementary Education
  4. BS Educational Leadership and Management
  5. B. Ed 04 years (After FA/FSC)
  6. B. Ed 2.5 Years (After BA/BSc/ADE)
  7. B. Ed 1.5 Years (After MA/MSc/BS)  
  8. B. Ed (After B. Ed/BS Ed)
  9. BS Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  10. BS Special Education
  11. Ed. 1.5 years Special Education Years
  12. BS Educational Planning and Management
  13. BS Education 4 Years (Research and Evaluation)
  14. BS Education 2 Years (Research and Evaluation)
  15. BS Education 1.5 Years (Research and Evaluation)
  16. BS English Language Teaching
  17. BS Early Childhood Education
  18. B. Ed Science (4-years) after FA/FSC
  19. B. Ed Science (2-Years) after BS Science or BSc
  20. B. Ed Science (1.5-years) after BS Science or MSc
  21. B. Ed Science (2-years) after 4 semesters of BS or Bsc

Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies

  1. BS Arabic
  2. BS Islamic Studies
  3. BS Translation Studies
  4. BS Islamic Studies with Specialization in Hadith Studies, Quranic Studies, Fiqah and Sharia, World Religions and Interfaith Harmony

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

  1. BS Electronic Engineering  
  2. BS Biomedical Electronics
  3. BS Electronics
  4. BS Electrical Power Engineering  
  5. BS Computer Systems Engineering  
  6. BS Computer Engineering Technology  
  7. BS Telecommunication Engineering
  8. BS Electrical Engineering Technology  
  9. BS Cyber Security and Digital Forensic  
  10. BS Intelligent Systems and Robotics  
  11. BS Biomedical Engineering Technology  
  12. BS Civil Engineering
  13. BS Renewable and Sustainable Energy  
  14. BS Architecture B Arch
  15. BS Interior Architecture  
  16. BS Landscape Architecture  
  17. BS Aviation Science

Faculty of Law

  1. LLB 5 Years (Under Semester System)  
  2. LLB Shariah and Law 5-years (under semester system)

Faculty of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences

  1. BEMS (Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery) (5 Years Program)
  2. BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Science) (5 Years Program)
  3. BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics (4 Years Program)  
  4. Doctor of Physical Therapy (5 Years Program)
  5. BS Medical Laboratory Technology
  6. BS Public Health
  7. BS Nursing
  8. Post RN BSN 2-Years Degree Program  BS Forensic Science  

Faculty of Chemical and Biological Sciences

  1. BS Botany
  2. BS Chemistry
  3. BS Zoology
  4. BS Biochemistry
  5. BS Biotechnology
  6. BS Bioinformatics

Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

  1. BS Geography
  2. BS Remote Sensing and GIS
  3. BS Mathematics
  4. BS Physics

Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

  1. DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)
  2. BS Animal Sciences
  3. BS Applied Microbiology
  4. BS Physiology
  5. BS Poultry Science

Faculty of Computing

  1. BS Computer Science
  2. BS Information Systems  
  3. BS Digital Media
  4. BS Networks and Telecommunication
  5. BS Information Technology
  6. BS Software Engineering
  7. BS Artificial Intelligence
  8. BS Information Security
  9. BS Internet of Things
  10. BS Data Sciences
  11. BS Statistics

Faculty of Management Sciences and Commerce

  1. BS Commerce
  2. BS Accounting and Finance
  3. BS Banking and Finance
  4. BS E-Commerce
  5. BS Supply Chain Management  
  6. BS Digital Marketing
  7. BS Leadership and Management
  8. BBA (Hons) After 12 Years of Education
  9. BBA Technology Management
  10. BS Administrative and Management Sciences  
  11. BS Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  12. BS Tourism and Hospitality Management
  13. BS Fin-Tech
  14. BS Finance and Investment
  15. BS Financial Technologies (Fin. Tech.)  
  16. BS Human Resource Management
  17. BS Leadership  
  18. BS Aviation Management

Faculty of Pharmacy

  1. Pharm-D
  2. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

How to apply for Islamia University of Bahawalpur IUB Admissions Fall 2024?

Admissions are open in various BS programs at Islamia University of Bahawalpur for fall 2024. Interested students can apply online on the university application portal. All other details are also available at the application portal.

Islamia University of Bahawalpur BS Admissions Fall 2024
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