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NED UET Karachi MPhil PhD Admissions Fall 2024

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NED University of Engineering and Technology Admissions

NED University of Engineering and Technology NED UET Karachi announced admissions for fall 2024 in various postgraduate MPhil and PhD programs. NED UET Karachi is a public sector university. MPhil and PhD admissions are open at NED UET Karachi for fall 2024 in various engineering and management programs. The details are given below.

The last date of application for NED UET Karachi postgraduate admissions is July 26, 2024


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Available Programs

Admissions are open in the following MPhil and PhD programs at NED UET Karachi for fall 2024.

MPhil Programs

  1. MPhil Applied Linguistics
  2. MPhil Applied Mathematics (Weekend)
  3. MPhil Architecture
  4. MPhil Artificial Intelligence
  5. MPhil Automotive Design
  6. MPhil Automotive Engineering
  7. MPhil Automotive Manufacturing
  8. MPhil Biomedical Engineering (Morning/Weekend)
  9. MPhil Chemical and Process Management (Weekend)
  10. MPhil Chemical Engineering (Weekend)
  11. MPhil Civil Engineering
  12. MPhil Coastal and Water Resources Engineering (Morning)
  13. MPhil Computer Network & System Security
  14. MPhil Computer Science & Information Technology (Weekend)
  15. MPhil Construction Engineering Law
  16. MPhil Construction Management (Morning/Weekend)
  17. MPhil Control Systems
  18. MPhil Data Engineering and Information Management (Weekend)
  19. MPhil Data Science (Weekend)
  20. MPhil Design b) Energy Systems (Weekend)
  21. MPhil Earthquake Engineering (Morning)
  22. MPhil Electrical Engineering
  23. MPhil Electrical Power Systems
  24. MPhil Electronic Engineering
  25. MPhil Energy and Plant Management (Weekend)
  26. MPhil Energy Management
  27. MPhil Environmental Engineering (Morning/Weekend)
  28. MPhil Environmental Management (Morning/Weekend)
  29. MPhil Geo-Technical Engineering (Morning).
  30. MPhil Industrial Chemistry
  31. MPhil Industrial Electronics
  32. MPhil Industrial Management (Weekend)
  33. MPhil Information Security (Weekend)
  34. MPhil Manufacturing Engineering
  35. MPhil Materials Engineering
  36. MPhil Mechanical Engineering
  37. MPhil Mechatronics
  38. MPhil Medical Physics
  39. MPhil Micro System Design
  40. MPhil Optics
  41. MPhil Physics
  42. MPhil Polymer Engineering
  43. MPhil Quality Management
  44. MPhil Renewable Energy
  45. MPhil RF Engineering
  46. MPhil Smart Grid
  47. MPhil Structural Engineering (Morning/Weekend)
  48. MPhil Supply Chain Management
  49. MPhil Telecommunication Networks
  50. MPhil Telecommunication Systems (Weekend)
  51. MPhil Telecommunications Engineering
  52. MPhil Textile Management
  53. MPhil Textile Management (Weekend)
  54. MPhil Transportation Engineering (Morning).
  55. MPhil Transportation Infrastructure Management (Weekend)
  56. MPhil Urban & Regional Planning
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PhD Programs

Available Fields of Study are listed below for PhD programs

  1. Civil and Petroleum Engineering
  2. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  3. Electrical and Computer Engineering
  4. Information, Sciences, and Humanities
  5. Chemical and Process Engineering
  6. Architecture and Management Sciences

How to apply for NED University of Engineering and Technology NED UET Karachi  Admissions Fall 2024?

Admissions are open for postgraduate programs for fall 2024 at NED University of Engineering and Technology NED UET Karachi. Interested students can apply online on the university application portal. the detailed admission criteria for NED UET admissions is available at the university application portal. 

NED UET Karachi MPhil PhD Admissions Fall 2024
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