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The Women University Multan Admissions Fall 2024

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The Women University Multan Admissions

The Women University Multan announced admissions for various ADP, BS, BS5th, MPhil and PhD for Fall 2024. The Women University Multan is a public university in Punjab. Undergraduate and Postgraduate admissions are open at The Women University Multan for Fall 2024. The details of the Women University Multan admissions are given below.

The last date of application for Women University Multan is July 29, 2024.


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Available Programs

Admissions are open in following ADP, BS and BS5th semester programs for Fall 2024 at the Women University Multan. Students with 14 years of education are eligible for admission in these BS programs for BS5th.

  1. Pharm D
  2. BS Islamic Studies
  3. BS Mass Communication
  4. BS Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  5. BS Mathematics
  6. BS Pakistan Studies
  7. BS Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
  8. BS Public Health (BS 4-Years Only)
  9. BS Political Science and Intentional Relations
  10. (ADP Political Science only)
  11. BS Physics
  12. BS Sociology
  13. BS Statistics
  14. BS Urdu
  15. BS Zoology
  16. BS Applied Psychology
  17. BS Arabic
  18. BS Biotechnology
  19. BS Biochemistry
  20. BS Botany
  21. BS Visual Art (Specialization Painting Sculpture)
  22. BS Chemistry
  23. BS Computer Science (BS 4-Years Only)
  24. BS Information Technology (BS 4-Years Only)
  25. BS Economics
  26. BS Education
  27. BS English
  28. BS Environmental Sciences
  29. BS History

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MPhil admissions The Women University Multan Fall 2024 are open in following programs.

  1. MPhil Applied Psychology
  2. MPhil Mathematics
  3. MPhil Arabic
  4. MPhil Physics
  5. MPhil Botany
  6. MPhil Statistics
  7. MPhil Biotechnology
  8. MPhil Sociology
  9. MPhil Biochemistry
  10. MPhil Urdu
  11. MPhil Chemistry
  12. MPhil Zoology
  13. MPhil Inorganic Chemistry
  14. MPhil Analytical Chemistry
  15. MPhil Organic Chemistry
  16. MPhil Biochemistry
  17. MPhil Physical Chemistry
  18. MPhil Education
  19. MPhil Economics
  20. MPhil English
  21. MBA (for Business Graduates)
  22. MBA (for Non-Business Graduates)
  23. MPhil Business Administration
  24. MPhil Environmental Science
  25. MPhil History
  26. MPhil Pak Studies
  27. MPhil Islamic Studies
  28. MPhil Mass Communication
  29. MPhil Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
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The Women University Multan announced PhD degree admissions in following programs.

  1. PhD Botany
  2. PhD Biochemistry
  3. PhD Biotechnology
  4. PhD Chemistry (Organic, Physical, Analytical, Biochemistry)
  5. PhD Economics
  6. PhD Education
  7. PhD English
  8. PhD History
  9. PhD Islamic Studies
  10. PhD Mathematics
  11. PhD Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (MMG)
  12. PhD Physics
  13. PhD Urdu
  14. PhD Zoology

Admissions are open in the following diploma programs at The Women’s University Multan.

  1. BEd (1.5 Years) (Morning/Evening)
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE 1-Year)
  3. Diploma in Drawing and Painting (01 Year) (Evening)
  4. Diploma in Graphic Design (Evening)
  5. Diploma in Sculpture and Modeling (Evening)
  6. Diploma in Ceramics Design (Evening)

How to apply for The Women University Multan admission Fall 2024?

Undergraduate and postgraduate admissions are open at The Women’s University Multan for Fall 2024. Interested students can apply online on the university application portal.

The Women University Multan Admissions Fall 2024
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