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Superior University Lahore Admissions Fall 2024

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Superior University Lahore Admissions

Superior University Lahore announced admissions for ADP, BS, MPhil and PhD programs for fall 2024. The Superior University Lahore is a private university in Punjab. Admissions are open for undergraduate and postgraduate programs for fall 2024. The details of admissions are given below.

The last date of application for Superior University Lahore is July 13, 2024.


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Available programs

Admissions are open for the following ADP, BS, MPhil and PhD programs for fall 2024. The faculty-wise list of available programs is given below.  

Faculty of Business and Management Sciences

  1. PhD in Business Administration
  2. MPhil Business Administration
  3. MPhil Quality Management
  4. MPhil Industrial Management
  5. MPhil Human Resource Management
  6. MPhil Environment, Health and Safety Management
  7. MPhil Project Management
  8. MPhil Engineering Management
  9. MPhil Construction and Engineering Management
  10. Master in Business Administration MBA (for Business Graduate)
  11. Master in Business Administration MBA for Non-Business Graduates
  12. Bachelor of Business Administration BBA (Honors)
  13. BS Aviation Management
  14. BS Hospitality and Tourism Management
  15. BS Healthcare Management
  16. BS Construction and Real Estate Management
  17. BS Business Intelligence
  18. BS Culinary Arts and Management
  19. ADP Business Administration
  20. ADP Hospitality and Tourism Management
  21. ADP Healthcare Management

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Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

  1. PhD Computer Science
  2. PhD Data Science
  3. MPhil Computer Science
  4. MPhil Information Technology
  5. MPhil Software Engineering
  6. MPhil Information Security
  7. MPhil Data Science
  8. MPhil Software Project Management
  9. BS Computer Science
  10. BS Information Technology
  11. BS Software Engineering
  12. BS Data Science
  13. BS Artificial Intelligence
  14. BS Cyber Security
  15. BS Gaming and Multimedia
  16. BS Internet of Things
  17. BS Robotics
  18. ADP Computer Science
  19. ADP Web Design and Development
  20. ADP Cyber Security
  21. ADP Gaming and Multimedia
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Faculty of Social Sciences

  1. PhD Communication Sciences
  2. MPhil in Mass Communication
  3. MPhil Clinical Psychology
  4. MPhil Political Science
  5. MPhil International Relations
  6. MPhil Sociology
  7. BS Mass Communication
  8. BS Digital Media and Broadcast Journalism
  9. BS Clinical Psychology
  10. BS Political Science
  11. BS International Relations
  12. BS Public Policy and Governance
  13. BS Criminology
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Faculty of Art and Design

  1. MPhil Art and Design
  2. Bachelor of Architecture B Arch
  3. BS Fashion Design
  4. BS Fashion Marketing and Merchandising
  5. BS Interior Design
  6. BS Textile Design
  7. BS Fine Art
  8. BS Product Design
  9. BS Graphic Design
  10. BS Home Economics
  11. BS Landscape Design
  12. BS Building Design and Construction

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  1. PhD Education
  2. MPhil Education
  3. MPhil Library and Information Management
  4. MPhil Education, Leadership and Management
  5. MPhil Urdu
  6. MPhil English (Language and Literature)
  7. MPhil Islamic Studies
  8. BS English (Language and Literature)
  9. BS Education
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Faculty of Engineering and Technology

  1. PhD in Electrical Engineering
  2. MPhil Electrical Engineering
  3. MPhil Mechanical Engineering
  4. MPhil Civil Engineering
  5. BS Electrical Engineering
  6. BS Information Engineering Technology
  7. BS Aviation Engineering Technology
  8. BS Aircraft Maintenance and Management
  9. BS Avionics Engineering
  10. BS Civil Engineering
  11. BS Mechanical Engineering
  12. BS Biomedical Engineering Technology
  13. BS Civil Engineering Technology
  14. BS Electrical Engineering Technology
  15. BS Mechanical Engineering Technology

Superior University Lahore Fee Structure 

Faculty of Economics and Commerce

  1. PhD Economics
  2. PhD Commerce
  3. MPhil Commerce and Finance
  4. MPhil Economics
  5. MPhil Accounting and Finance
  6. BS Commerce
  7. BS Accounting and Finance
  8. BS Economics with Data Science
  9. BS ECommerce
  10. BS Islamic Banking and Finance
  11. ADP Accounting and Finance

Faculty of Medical Sciences

  1. MPhil Basic Medical Sciences
  2. MBBS
  3. BDS
  4. Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery-BEMS

Faculty of Pharmacy

  1. PhD Pharmacology
  2. MPhil Pharmaceutics
  3. MPhil Pharmacology
  4. Doctor of Pharmacy Pharm D

Faculty of Sciences

  1. PhD Biochemistry
  2. MPhil Botany
  3. MPhil Microbiology
  4. MPhil Zoology
  5. MPhil Chemistry
  6. MPhil Mathematics
  7. MPhil Statistics
  8. MPhil Physics
  9. MPhil Biochemistry
  10. MPhil Biotechnology
  11. BS Biochemistry
  12. BS Microbiology
  13. BS Biotechnology
  14. BS Mathematics
  15. BS Physics
  16. BS Chemistry
  17. BS Forensic Science
  18. BS Nanoscience and Technology
  19. BS Zoology
  20. BS Environmental Science

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

  1. PhD Food Science and Technology
  2. MPhil Rehabilitation Sciences
  3. MPhil Allied Health Sciences
  4. MPhil Nursing
  5. Doctor of Physical Therapy DPT
  6. BS Medical Laboratory Sciences
  7. BS Medical Imaging Technology
  8. BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  9. BS Optometry
  10. BS Anesthesia Technology
  11. BS Operation Theater Technology
  12. BS Public Health
  13. BS Dental Technology
  14. BS Speech Language Pathology
  15. BS Sports Sciences and Physical Education
  16. BS Dental Hygiene
  17. BS Respiratory Therapy
  18. BS Aesthetic and Cosmetology
  19. BS Renal and Dialysis Technology
  20. BS Audiology
  21. BS Occupational Therapy
  22. BS Cardiac Perfusion
  23. BS Radiation Therapy Technology
  24. BS Emergency and Intensive Care Sciences
  25. BS Food Safety and Quality Management
  26. BS Food Science Technology
  27. BS Blood Transfusion Technology
  28. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN Post RN)
  29. BS Nursing Generic – 4 Years

Faculty of Law

  1. LLM
  2. LLB

Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences

  1. BS Agriculture (Plant Breeding and Genetics)
  2. BS Agriculture (Horticulture)
  3. BS Poultry Science

How to apply for Superior University Lahore Admissions Fall 2024?

Admissions are open at Superior University Lahore for ADP, BS, MPhil and PhD programs for fall 2024. Interested students can apply online on the university application portal. The detailed eligibility criteria, admission criteria, fee structure and all relevant information, is available at the university application portal.

Superior University Lahore Admissions Fall 2024
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